Christian louboutin shoes and two high-heeled shoes brand comparison

In the world of high heels´╝îCheap Christian Louboutin is absolutely can not be ignored, it is Europe and the United States actress favorite! In fact, want to ignore can not ignore, female stars under the soles of the feet Nahuo red will directly grasp your line of sight. Red high heels is a symbol of a woman, is a direct source of women’s sense of superiority. Have heard a woman with emotion: “Women do not wear red shoes, it is simply I do not know what fashion.Women wearing red Christian louboutin outlet shoes will always be from a bundle of no personality pile of women stand out, there is absolutely stand out. Red, red and white, Soles “high degree of recognition, it is another advantage is that female stars are free advertising.


Salvatore Ferragamo known as the king of Italy’s shoes, select the best quality leather, each pair of cheap CL shoes are required 10 days of production time, the 5 days for the production of shoe last. The entire production of a total of 134 processes, by professionals involved and guidance, modeling, leather cutting and shoe installation, especially the final stitching and finishing procedures still adhere to the pure hand-made, showing the complexity of the process.

Creativity, Passion and Toughness are the values of the Ferragamo family and are passed on from generation to generation. Because very concerned about the quality and detail, it won the “Star Queen cobbler” of the title. Today, Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the world’s top designers of leather cheap christian louboutin shoes, leather goods, accessories, clothing and fragrances. Style luxury, elegance, practicality and style both to the traditional hand-designed and fashionable world-renowned.


Founder Roger Vivier was born in Paris in 1907, from the age of 17 began to have a strong interest in shoes, until 90 years of age. Roger Vivier opened his first store in Paris, specializing in high-end shoes. Because there was no branch in overseas, so from all over the world attracted fans almost shoe-shop threshold tread, including today’s hot Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, frenzy, whether she is attending a major occasion or light travel, And ultimately Roger Vivier accompanied.

Roger Vivier shoes with innovative, avant-garde, modern known. His most famous shoes, the square silver buckle in front of the toe, the innovation of traditional shoe design. Although there are many similar modern design, but to know in the sixties, designers can not be so designed. Another thing to note is that Roger Vivier’s heel is the first he invented the thin cheap christian louboutin high heels, he has designed a variety of shapes heel, and modern design also implement this element.

High heels famous brand-Christian Louboutin

Manolo Blahnik high heels was founded in 1972 in the United Kingdom. Creator Manolo is a fashion legend, known as the world’s greatest shoemaker. All along, he insisted on a traditional shoemaker’s requirements meticulously live and work with hand-made shoe last, sewing leather, no matter how fine his shoes, but always become an integral part of the perfect fashion.

Manolo Blahnik shoes are high heels in the “noble.” With a pair of Cheap Christian Louboutin is a woman’s dream, even the big actress who is also its fanatical pursuit. A word to describe Morrow Blagnick shoes is: “Manolo Blahnik high heels will provoke lust.


Christian Louboutin discount by the designer Mr. Louboutin was founded in 1992 in France. He produced high-heeled shoes, colorful, exotic, by the media as “independent of the mainstream of the best.” Christian Louboutin logo is the red soled shoes, highlighting women’s soft, beautiful and sexy. In the interview he once described the impulse: “red soles is like cheap christian louboutin to lipstick, people can not help but want to kiss, coupled with the exposed toes, it is extremely sexy.

JimmyChoo brand from the designer Mr. Jimmy Choo, was founded in London in the early 1990s. At that time the main customers to the world celebrities, including the British Princess Diana. Jimmy Choo brand company was formally established in 1996.


Tamara Mello, winner of the British Empire Order of Merit (OBE), decided to co-create Jimmy Choo, who discovered the talent and high-end footwear market.

JimmyChoo has always been produced by international celebrities and Hollywood stars love. American rapper Shyne has a song called “JimmyChoo” song, it was his eyes straight to see a model wearing a 4-inch high Jimmy Choo high heels after the sudden inspiration and creation. It is precisely the 4-inch heel and simple and elegant and comfortable design, so christian louboutin outlet high heels become numerous actress essential love shoes. Many actress to attend the ceremony to wear Jimmy Choo costume design costumes, can fully demonstrate its charm.

How to maintain Christian louboutin high heeled shoes

Cheap Christian Louboutin high heels red soles trademark, he is in the design of a pair of shoes, when he saw his assistant to his nails painted red, he was inspiration inspired his soles red. He immediately seize the fine soles, directly on the map in the sample soles. Because of the good results, he initially wanted all his christian louboutin outlet shoes are coated with different colors of the soles, but after seeing a lot of red soles of the shoes, he dispelled the idea and let the red soles became his signature.


Next to talk about how to maintain CL high heels:

The patent leather shoes can be wiped with a dry cloth without water. Patent leather cheap christian louboutin shoes more easily deformed, so you can use paper balls or cloth into the toe, in order to remain intact.

Cheap christian louboutin Suede high heels can choose not to dry brush the surface of the toothbrush dust, can be properly wiped with suede leather special cleaning fluid to wipe, doing cleaning work, pay attention to the same direction to the bristles. Also note that the suede leather to maintain ventilation, so in the admission time, you can open a little dust bag or shoe box.

Silk satin heels, remember not to use a brush, so as not to undermine the satin sheen. Simple cleaning can be soaked with water, gently rub the place with a stain, and then rinse with water, you can gently wipe with a towel in the ventilation can naturally dry.

1, coated with a little shoe polish, gently wipe with a piece of cloth to make shoeshine evenly penetrate into the shoes, and polished bright. Shoe polish to choose the same color with the shoes, or slightly lighter color.

2, in the flannel or gauze and other soft touch of cloth, apply a little cleaner or colorless wax shoes, and then wipe the shoes on the stains.

3, with a shoe brush will be stained on the shoes of the soil and dust brush off.

4, if there are stripes on the shoes, you can erase the stripes with rubber, and then cast a little shoe polish to prevent speckle again.

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