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As a contemporary of the famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin is undoubtedly the most visible, his figure often appears in various Party. He said in a high-profile, assertive attitude, changed the traditional footwear designers advocate inside, and quickly became an international star in a short time, his personal “marketing” charm contributed. He designed shoes may not be the most comfortable, but it must be the most unique. When juvenile period in the club’s experience has affected his whole style, Christian Louboutin sale shoes a favorite variety of bright colors, especially in open-toed style won him favor with the red flag on the soles Nama with the performance of the sexiest women heels, swaying side. No wonder so many stars are even willing to free him speak, show only part of Christian Louboutin’s style on the red carpet.

CL high heels

Mr. Christian Louboutin 1963 was born in Paris of a worker’s family, now all the glory began in childhood when a special experience. Once he passed through Paris, Oceanic Art Museum, in front saw a significant icon, a cone-shaped heels that are crossed out two lines of thick line, warned visited women “treat” pavilion inside the carved wooden flooring. Looking pair of beautiful cheap christian louboutin high heels, 13-year-old obsession of his, as if for the first time found the shoes of the original can be so beautiful.

Then Paris is in a period of economic recovery, one of stuporous, merry scene, Christian Louboutin outlet not withstand the temptation of fast-paced world, we often went to Paris was the most famous nightclub The Palace play, when he was only 14 years old. Here shoes he recognized what is fashionable, but also his stage performances and dancers growing enthusiasm, and even gave up their studies, soak in the nightclub every day, while doing some chores, while seeking to develop the design, and is his breakthrough. “For those dancing girls, shoes are the most important, both to be comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, make people noticed one. I was thinking is very simple, is to make these girls are wearing me made, their feet more comfortable than a pair of beautiful cheap chritian louboutin shoes. ”

christian louboutin high heels

16 years old, Christian Louboutin made the life of the first pair of cheap christian louboutin shoes, although sell everywhere, but those dancers did not believe him, after the thwarted at every turn, he realized that he must undergo professional training. Thus, in 1981, at a friend’s referral, his first as an apprentice in the Follies Bergeres, and at that time the prestigious brand Charles Jourdan, where systematic study shoemaking techniques to improve the process of their own deficiencies. But then he has not created its own brand of ideas, but also unwilling to join any group, as a freelance worker has in Chanel, YSL be independent shoemaker.

In 1988, Christian Louboutin said the move was a friend, joined the Dior’s legendary company specializing in the production of shoes Roger Vivier, after the master’s instructions, his shoe-making skills and a fly height, and soon a household name. Fledgling christian louboutin finally created in 1992, its own brand, he produced high heels colorful, exotic, by the media as “independent from the mainstream of Need”, available on a much attention.

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