How Tall A Pair Of High Heels That You Should Wear

High Heels

Of course not as high heels, the more detailed the better. Find their own heels leg type is very important! If your calf meat more, do not choose too thin high heel, otherwise not only appears to dust flavor, and make your attitude inconsistent.

Do not blindly choose for the sake of tall Christian Louboutin high heels. Make legs look slender, and walking will not “suffer” high heels height is about 4% of your height, (if your height 165cm, suitable for your heel height of about 7cm) If you can not make a pair of shoes feel comfortable, then it definitely will not make you more beautiful.

Tall girls have the courage to try high heels. Do not be afraid because of their height and high heeled refuse, even if the height advantage, you can also use christian louboutin high heels modified leg line, more perfect than perfect, why not?

Make sure your knees straight from! High-heeled shoes should make you more beautiful posture, whether standing or walking in cheap Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes to make you self-confidence to stand up tall and elegant, if bent knees to walk, and you will look very funny.

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