How to maintain Christian louboutin high heeled shoes

Cheap Christian Louboutin high heels red soles trademark, he is in the design of a pair of shoes, when he saw his assistant to his nails painted red, he was inspiration inspired his soles red. He immediately seize the fine soles, directly on the map in the sample soles. Because of the good results, he initially wanted all his christian louboutin outlet shoes are coated with different colors of the soles, but after seeing a lot of red soles of the shoes, he dispelled the idea and let the red soles became his signature.


Next to talk about how to maintain CL high heels:

The patent leather shoes can be wiped with a dry cloth without water. Patent leather cheap christian louboutin shoes more easily deformed, so you can use paper balls or cloth into the toe, in order to remain intact.

Cheap christian louboutin Suede high heels can choose not to dry brush the surface of the toothbrush dust, can be properly wiped with suede leather special cleaning fluid to wipe, doing cleaning work, pay attention to the same direction to the bristles. Also note that the suede leather to maintain ventilation, so in the admission time, you can open a little dust bag or shoe box.

Silk satin heels, remember not to use a brush, so as not to undermine the satin sheen. Simple cleaning can be soaked with water, gently rub the place with a stain, and then rinse with water, you can gently wipe with a towel in the ventilation can naturally dry.

1, coated with a little shoe polish, gently wipe with a piece of cloth to make shoeshine evenly penetrate into the shoes, and polished bright. Shoe polish to choose the same color with the shoes, or slightly lighter color.

2, in the flannel or gauze and other soft touch of cloth, apply a little cleaner or colorless wax shoes, and then wipe the shoes on the stains.

3, with a shoe brush will be stained on the shoes of the soil and dust brush off.

4, if there are stripes on the shoes, you can erase the stripes with rubber, and then cast a little shoe polish to prevent speckle again.

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