Roger Vivia, the reputation is not lower than Christian louboutin

Roger Vivier from Paris, the footwear brand may be rarely mentioned in the country. But in Europe and the United States, its reputation is not better than other brands weak. Roger Vivier this from the Paris shoes brand since the sixties of the last century for Yves Saint Laurent design shoes, Roger Vivier’s works have a lot of aristocratic ladies in the ankle shine – Catherine Deneuve, Marlene Dietrich, Duchess of Windsor, Or even Queen Elizabeth II in the coronation hall, but also wear cheap christian louboutin shoes.


christian louboutin pigalle 120 Its fame was born in the 1950s as a senior DIOR shoes department as a designer period, because popular for 10 years to launch the same series of shoes. After the founding, Roger Vivier opened his first shop in Paris, specializing in cheap christian louboutin high heels shoes. Because there was no branch in overseas, so from all over the world attracted fans almost shoe store threshold tread, including today’s hot Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, frenzy, whether she is attending a major occasion or light travel, And ultimately Roger Vivier accompanied.


christian louboutin uk sale ,not only the Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo a champion, perhaps because Ferragamo earlier into the Chinese market, so its market public relations brand promotion than other similar brands more deeply rooted. In fact Roger Vivier is fully comparable with Ferragamo footwear brand, or even because of the British Queen Elizabeth II’s favor is more famous.

Roger Vivier bold innovation in the design and unique and desirable fashion style in Paris, to create the ultimate luxury style. Widely recognized plastic ornaments, the chemical color christian louboutin outlet senior ornaments series infuse fun. Nostalgic atmosphere, bright colors, and bold and lively, for like the fresh girl.

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