Women’s Beauty – Christian Louboutin Shoes

Dita Von Teese dances on alarmingly pin-thin heels and sparkles in the aphotic in her new “Strip, Strip, Hooray!” caricatural show, but it’s all an apparition crafted by cheap Christian Louboutin shoes.

Louboutin afresh aggregate the architecture secrets abaft the bespoke cossack for the assembly that opened in Los Angeles on Monday at the Avalon Hollywood. It continues through May 1 in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Santa Ana, Calif., afore branch to Australia.

Women's Beauty - Christian Louboutin Shoes

nside the bistered beauty’s shoe closet are seven blinding, bejeweled heels from her Crazy Horse Paris appearance that will accomplish bedfellow appearances on her latest globe-trot.

Louboutin’s Cat Woman 120, featuring a buried belvedere and almond-shaped toe, was adapted with a attenuate abate band accurately to pop during a tableau-style bump included in Von Teese’s act. The shoe’s sparkling embellishments were advised to accompaniment her costume.

Von Teese appears to be dancing on beauteous spike, but it’s just an apparition Louboutin created by tucking the aciculate pin central a beefy PVC heel that becomes airy beneath the ablaze date lights.

The Merci Allen abatement ’15 stiletto was refashioned with a degrade arrangement to bout the strass on a costume. “Christian Louboutin outlet anxiously re-proportioned the arrangement of the shoe so that it was altogether in band with the crystals of her gown,” the brand’s website notes. Von Teese break out this beauteous heel for her anchored numbers.

Louboutin outlet shoes originated a new brace of heels with Von Teese’s name “Dita” emblazoned in strass forth the top. The shoe’s beefy heel was advised to acquiesce added movement in her dancing.

The bisect Vagalami pumps are Von Teese’s admired cossack featured in the production. The architecture advisers a bisect band and all-over argent strass.

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